If you want your websites to take off then you need to have a good website design, and you need to be good at SEO as well. Having one of those skills without the other is likely to doom your site to failure. This is particularly true now that the main search engines are starting to pay attention to usability and mobile friendliness – no matter how good your content is, if your site is poorly designed and hard to navigate, then Google will not want to rank it well.

On the other hand

your site looks stunning but is set up in a way that stops Google from being able to index it well, then you will find yourself struggling to get a sustainable amount of traffic. You might get some from social media or from pay per click ads – but that traffic is the kind of traffic that will stop coming in when your marketing efforts stop. SEO traffic, on the other hand is something that will keep on coming in long term. Indeed, there is a term for the kind of search that tends to do well in the search engines – it’s called the long tail. Those are the long, descriptive, specific searches that tend to be done by people with clear purchase intent. Those searches will continue to trickle in long term, and are likely to be more beneficial to your business over time than the shorter, more broad keywords that you might think would be the best to rank with. Read about SEO STRATEGIES FOR LAWYERS THAT WORK TODAY .

Design to Be Used and Found

These days, the best web designers are the ones that don’t try to be too clever. They design sites not to show off what a great designer they are, but with the intent of being found. They know that it is important to make sure that the site is easy to navigate, and they put the content at the forefront, and have navigation that is clear, accessible and simple.

Yes, animations, fancy buttons, rollovers and graphics are nice, but if those things detract from the end user’s experience then they are not going to do the business behind the site any favors. A good webmaster knows this, and will think about what they want the website to achieve before they start making design decisions. Read some PROVEN WAYS TO HIRE THE BEST LAWYER SEO COMPANIES

Remember that when your visitors come to your website they have a clear goal in mind. Their goal might not be the same as your goal. As a business owner, the things that you want to communicate might not be the same as the things that the visitors want to achieve. Think about the questions that you get from people in your store – and the phone calls that you get – those are the things that you should be focusing on answering because those are the things that matter the most to your customers, and if you want to convert visitors into buyers, then you need to give those visitors what they want. Read local seo marketing tips .