The decision to dissolve a marriage entered into with great optimism and love is rarely simple. There are many factors and considerations at play, not to mention a whole host of dashed hopes and dreams. However, it is crucial for the parties to a divorce to remember that they must protect their interests going forward, no matter how painful the process may be.

Spousal support represents an amount of money provided by one ex-spouse to another in order to help them maintain their standard of living for a defined period of time following a divorce. While it is possible for parties to a dissolution to arrive at a mutual agreement in this realm, the process can often devolve into a bitter, contentious one.

Real Disagreement In Divorce

When spousal support is the subject of real disagreement in a divorce action, it is critical for each party to have aggressive legal representation. So, it is important to look for best divorce attorneys in ohio that can handle the process with ease. This is particularly true for a spouse who did not earn an income outside of the home for the duration o the marriage. Because it is common for women in particular to give up their careers in order to raise children and manage the home, spousal support after a divorce is fundamental.

Even in marriages where both parties were employed during the union, it is often necessary for significant negotiations and fact-finding to occur in an effort to determine a fair amount of spousal support. There may, for instance, be a substantial imbalance in terms of education, earning potential and assets between a husband and wife, necessitating that one pay a good deal more in support.

Seasonal Spousal Support Attorney

Without the assistance of a seasoned spousal support attorney, the potential for a truly harmful outcome increases exponentially. A skilled lawyer can assess the facts, crunch the numbers and advocate for the best result possible. Fairness is certainly important, but so is ensuring that the client’s interests are well-protected at the present time and also into the future.

Speaking with friends, colleagues or relatives who have experienced divorce themselves can be a very helpful method of finding a trustworthy family law attorney. Matters of spousal support must be taken seriously, and establishing a strong relationship with a knowledgeable lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome.

By interviewing several prospective attorneys, getting fee agreements in writing and creating an honest, open dialogue throughout the negotiation process, a just settlement can likely be achieved.