If you are going through a divorce in Ohio, and you have minor children with your spouse, it is a good idea to understand the state’s custody laws. You may even want to hire an experienced child custody lawyer who can assist you during any custody battles.

You may even need to understand the laws even if the divorce happened years ago, but new circumstances have you rethinking your current custody agreement. Is one parent planning to move away, plan to get remarried or has developed a personal issue that requires a change in custody? read about Top Divorce Attorneys In Columbus Ohio .

Another major reason for a change in custody request is if the child has expressed a desire to stay full time with one parent.

The state of Ohio uses a few factors to decide child custodyMarriage Counseling laws. However, the child’s best interests are often the determining factor. The child’s best interests simply mean doing what is best for the child’s happiness and safety. However, parents should be aware of the child custody laws before filing for custody.You can go for Marriage Counseling To Prevent A Divorce .

Unmarried Mothers

Unmarried mothers are considered the primary and sole custodial guardians of the child. This means they generally have legal and physical custody. The only time custody would change is if the Ohio Family Court decides someone else should be the physical or legal guardian. Keep in mind, this does not mean the fathers do not have rights.

Shared Parenting

In Ohio, joint custody is known as shared parenting. Orders for shared parenting will include:

•    Physical living arrangements
•    Child support obligations
•    Provisions for health insurance
•    Where the child will stay for vacations, birthdays and holidays

Active Military Parents

If the single parent that has custody is in the military, that parent is responsible for notifying the other parent within three days after receiving an order. This is the point when the parents can request to have the custody order modified.


It is important to note that child custody orders can be modified in Ohio. However, they are only modified when the Court decides the change is necessary due to the circumstances of the child. Modification of custody must be deemed the only solution to maintain the best interests of the child.

If you are facing a custody battle in Ohio, it is essential that you hire a qualified and reputable lawyer who specializes in child custody issues. By doing research and hiring a lawyer, you can increase the chance of having an outcome in your favor. visit at deanhineslawyer.com – Columbus for more information .