It was once said that there were only three things that everyone had to endure in life and that was to live, and die, and pay taxes. Well now it turns out that getting a divorce has turned into the fourth thing, everybody gets at least one. When it comes time to get divorced, it’s pretty important that you choose a good attorney to represent you, if you’re lucky enough to have an amicable separation and divorce, that’s great, but more often than not, things go south pretty quickly and you should seek representation immediately. Here are some tips on finding a divorce attorney in your area.

You’ll Get A Lot Of Advice, Most Of It Bad

There are millions of people that have gotten divorced, friends, neighbors, and relatives, each situation is different, every state has different laws and there are kids, property, and incomes that all have to be divided. Add to that, the fact that the laws are constantly changing, so your mom’s divorce won’t be anything like yours and neither will your next door neighbor’s that was divorced in another state. You need to find a local divorce attorney that practices law in your area.

Get a list from everyone you know that’s had a divorce, stay away from lawyers that specialize in other types of cases, there’s just too much that has to be done just right in a divorce case to risk using the wrong kind of lawyer. Stay clear away from those guys that advertise on late night cable TV, those ads are expensive, and the clients are the ones paying the bill. Plus, those kinds of lawyers are typically not that good anyway.

If you can, give divorce lawyer consultation fee that doesn’t have a big, expensive, downtown office either. They are usually paying $10,000 to $20,000 per month for that high-priced office, and there again, the clients ultimately pay the bill. Plus, parking is going to be tough and expensive for you, the client. It’s better to get a highly recommended attorney that has an office that’s easy to get to, has plenty of free parking, a great receptionist, and a calm demeanor.


Go Online And Read The Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to several that have offices near you, with great parking, then you need to go online and read the reviews. If they have a bunch of negative reviews skip right over them. Some attorneys can be nice until they take your case and then they start to ignore you. Look for someone that is a great communicator, passionate about their work, sticks to business, and doesn’t nickel and dime you for every phone call.

Now that you’ve read their reviews, checked the parking situation, and made some appointments with them, go check them out. You’ve done the homework, if you find one you like, hire him on the spot. Otherwise, meet with several and then pick the one you’re most comfortable with that explains the details so you can understand them. Then you’ll have done the best job possible in choosing a divorce attorney in your area.